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 Donna was so wonderful with Khalil. Khalil was 6 weeks old when we enrolled him and he would still be enrolled if we didn't get stationed out of Virginia. The patience, dedication, and personal attention she gave to the daycare children just can't be beat. I remember I came to visit and found her comforting him just like I would and that is when I knew that this was the best place for him to be while I was away. When I would come to pick him up he wouldn't want to leave because of the fun he was having. She will always be in our hearts.     

Mr. & Mrs. Mahdi - Dumfries, Va.  


 Donna helped us out alot. When we enrolled Izabelle she was 2yrs. old and she adjusted quickly. With potty- training, it became like second nature for Izabelle when she was at home with Donna's support. It seemed like it happened over night, whereas it would've taken me forever without her help. She gave Izabelle all of the encouragement and attention that she deserved when we couldn't. Donna took care of Izabelle and the daycare children like they were her own. With all of the learning  and on-going mind stimulation that went on at Baby Bears Daycare, Izabelle became the top student of her class. Thanks for everything.       

Mr.& Mrs. George - Triangle, Va.


Little children come to me
For hugs and books and such,
I care for all their simple needs
And also fix them lunch

I pick up toys, mop up spills,
And dry their little tears,
I change diapers,settle fights,
And kiss away their fears.

I tie shoes, button coats,
And push them on the swing,
I really love these kids you see,
But there is one thing.

Call me Mom, or Aunt, or Teacher,
But please don't call me sitter,
Cause I never get to sit!.

~~~~Author Unknown~~~





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